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Fighting Hunger & Tackling Food Waste Together

The Ark launched in late 2019, and since then have been looking for positive ways to support the surrounding community and those further afield within the city of Nottingham. Since opening our doors we have been providing food and social situations for the elderly in the community, and feeding as many of the hungry and vulnerable families and individuals in the area as well as those who now find themselves effected by Covid19.

After hearing about the positive work of Fareshare, we decided it was a great opportunity for us to get involved with the work that they do, and offer more support to our local community.

Fareshare is a charity who work all over the UK to redistribute fresh and in date food, which is surplus from the food industry, and would otherwise have to go to land fill.

The charity collects well over 20,000 tonnes of food yearly, and sends it all to front line charities and community groups all over the UK, to be made into delicious meals for children’s breakfast clubs, older peoples lunch clubs, community café’s and refuge centres too. Through their distribution work, Fareshare ensures that life changing support can continue within the communities they are most needed, and charities and volunteer groups are in a place to continue to offer help to the vulnerable in society, and those who need it the most.

According to the charity’s website, more than 8 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat on a daily basis, and on the flip side of the coin, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of good, usable food is wasted by the UK food industry, including farmers and growers, manufacturers and processors as well as wholesalers, retailers and food service companies. Fareshare’s aim is to rebalance this issue by taking this unused food, and sending it to the community groups and charities across the UK in order to feed the hungry and needy in our society. Not only does this support people on an individual basis, it also helps charities and volunteer services in local areas, and reduces the waste to hit our landfill sites.

We at the Ark felt that the charity was a great fit with what we are trying to achieve within the community of Nottingham, and we are delighted to be able to work with them, to offer even more support to groups and individuals within the community of Nottingham, especially in these unprecedented times; when people are losing their jobs, their homes, their families and are suffering with mental health issues.

It is becoming very clear that people, through no fault of their own are struggling to feed themselves, their families and their children, and we want to help change that on a daily basis.

We are taking this opportunity to ask people for their kind assistance to support the needy within the Nottingham area. We are asking that anyone who is in a position to donate an item(s) of food to the Food Bank at The Ark, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can make the donation to The Ark (please state 'for THEARK') or any item(s) you would like to donate can be left at our local collection point, which is at, 1 Greenwich Avenue, Old Basford, Notts NG6 0LD (Large Green Container). Let's work together in supporting the vulnerable, tackling hunger and 'building a brighter future' for all.

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