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Make Your Own Pizza at Home!

Thanks to a generous sponsor, The Ark collected sixty, 'Make at Home Pizza Kits,

from 'THE NONSUCH KITCHEN', in Nottingham.

Each ‘Pizza Kit' made by THE NONSUCH KITCHEN contains, two fresh pizza dough balls, a container of tasty tomato and basil pizza sauce, a tub of grated mozzarella cheese, with a clear, well-presented instruction leaflet. All packed in sturdy ‘Pizza Box’.

Every kit was excitedly received by everyone, families and children alike, as you can see from the pictures. The Nonsuch Kitchen Pizza kits are a great way to enjoy a delicious fresh Pizza at home. Every kit contains all you need to make two 10-12inch tasty cheese and tomatoe Pizzas.

The Ark has distributed these Pizza boxes to many different homes and families across the Nottingham area.

A large number of the families that received a ‘Pizza Kit’, were so grateful, that they wanted to show their joy and gratitude, by sending in a photograph, of their Pizza creations. They would also like to convey their thanks and appreciation to the kindness of the Sponsor, The Ark, and all the local volunteers, who have brought a bit of fun, excitement, and a smile to so many faces. Thank you!

NB. We have received so many pictures. from grateful participants, that we cannot include them all in this report. So, if you don’t see your picture on this page, look out for it in another post. Soon!

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